Tetra Online

Online competitive puzzle game. For free!
Servers are now closed, but you can still play singleplayer!
This build of the game is in alpha. Expect to find and report glitches.


Tetra Online is a competitive puzzle game developed by Tetra Studio. The objective of Tetra Online is to make your opponent reach the top of the board, while keeping yourself safe.

To attack the enemy, you must complete a full row. This will clear that row, and will send garbage to your opponent.

If you need help, we recommend joining the Hard Drop community.

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Discord server

If you wish to keep updated with Tetra Online's development, best way to do so it via the official Discord Server.

Special Thanks ❤︎❤︎

I dedicate this game to the following people for helping me. Without friends or family, I couldn't have done this game.